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Aug 3, 2017

Jesus Take the Wheel


I have been bleessed to count Erin as one my few close friends. He's sees the sacred in all of life and is teaching me to look for God's hand on my life. I'm beginning to see Him in the big and small things, in the critical decisions of life, and the small seemingly insignificant times. I'm learning to look back at hard times and recognize His provision all along the way.


They say in retrospect we can identify a God encounter we may not have seen at the time. I'm beginning to relive times when I either didn't look for Him or couldn't experience Him. One such time was years ago.


I was 10, a cub scout trying to build a soap box car to race down our local side street in the inaugural event. My father wasn't available to help build it or race it, a source of pain. But a neighbor recognized my need and spent hours helping me complete a make shift car of 2x4's, rope, and a panel of pine for a seat. We worked late into the night and pulled together a functional option. The next day instead of the shame of not having a car or one that didn't work, I raced.


I love competition. I think God knows that. He provided a neighbor willing to help.


I can see myself on that car again, but this time I see Jesus in my neighbor, and on the back of my soap box helping me steer, a huge smile on His face.


I'm starting to see that He was with me all along and is with me now. Thanks Erin for the reminder and continuing to teach me to look for Him.

Erin Ahnfeldt
Aug 3, 2017

Steve, your authenticity not only draws people to you but also right into the arms of Jesus, and this story is another example of that. It captures what all of us are desperate to know, that Jesus, like a best friend, enjoys being with us. Thanks for your friendship!

Thomas Thompson
Aug 14, 2017

I love this story, Steve. I need to think more about looking back to see God. Steve Aldrich talks about this as "reframing," looking at a picture from our past and seeing Jesus in the frame when we didn't before.


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  • Aweanung
    May 23
  • jjmggoss4ever
    Nov 5, 2017

    I've always had strong faith in God, but through the years as a single mom with 3 children many times as i would feel despair or worry God would again remind me he's always right beside me. God led me to volunteer and be very involved in my childrens' school and when divorce happened and i needed a job God put forward a job at their school so i could help support us and be there for them also. Through the years when child support wouldn't be there somehow God always brought miracles that carried us through. I was happy my children saw God's miracles up close. Even knowing of God's blessings and love something happened that could have changed that...7 years ago I lost my oldest child (my son) to suicide. After the initial moments of shock, disbelief and grief when i was told, I received my most impacting assurance of God's love and of him being right beside me...a calm, peacefulness washed over me as a feeling of God's arms around me. He spoke to me then and told me that my son was safe and happy with him in Heaven and would never be hurt by anyone again and have no more pain. That gift from God, as well as all the miracles he has bestowed on me helped me, and has helped me inspire others of God's constant presence in our lives.
  • claw924
    Oct 9, 2017

    It was not the way I thought it would ever be, to find out the love of my life had been unfaithful for many years. I was shattered, distraught, shaken, in disbelief that it could be happening to me. l cannot describe how deeply sorrowful I felt. Living in a lie, a scam, a fairy tale blown up. No sleep, tears flowed nonstop, stomach wrenched with knots, exposed, alone....and then I then HE showed up to push me through the numbness. The Lord of the universe was as close as my heart beat, He knew my deepest pit, and yet was letting me know it would all be okay. He loves me, He will never let go, He is the Kings of Kings, Lord of Lords, and yet He is absolutely the King of my heart, the Lord of my Life. I know this more now than ever. It is the refiner's fire, to see His reflection in me. Blessed, not broken.