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Aug 4, 2017


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Edited: Aug 6, 2017



They're a little wilted now, ten days after Lois placed them on the coffee table. But they're more than just flowers; God somehow has made them into a symbol of His love.

I knew I was in trouble as we were leaving the ranch after our two week family reunion. I had decided that it was time to leave, as Lois was still tidying up. I guess I was impatient and sharp with her and focused only on beating the traffic back through Denver. For a while on the way home it was pretty quiet in the car. Then when we got home the grass in the back yard had burned from the severe heat of the last two weeks. Lois had asked that we set the sprinklers for daily watering but I felt every other day would be plenty. Things got quieter!

The next day after softball practice, I stopped by Safeway to pick up some groceries heading back home. As I passed the flower stand, I knew what I needed to do. I picked out a bunch of white flowers and headed to the checkout line. I was in a little bit of a hurry and was annoyed that there were two people in front of me in the line. Finally the elderly black lady in front of me finished her purchase and was putting away her credit card. She noticed that I had the flowers laying on the counter and commented that they were really nice. I said that they were a peace offering for my wife. I asked if she thought that they would do the job, and she said "I'm sure they will". That's when the checker interjected that he ought to get some for his girlfriend. I agreed. The lady asked me how long we had been married, and I replied forty eight years, and then I asked if she was married. She replied her husband had died several years ago. I said I was so sorry! She looked at me with an expression of deep understanding and yet a gentle smile. She turned to go and I felt

a connection with her as if we had been together for years. I finished my purchase and told the checker that I hoped that his girlfriend would enjoy the flowers and he told me that he hoped the peace offering would work for me.

As I headed home with my purchases, I realized that God had made that moment for us. A chance to connect in the midst of a busy world. It was as if the little lady was my sister and the checker was my little brother. We really are our brother's keeper and the barriers between us can fall if we just let them.

As I walked in the door with the flowers behind my back, I knew things were going to get a lot better!

Erin Ahnfeldt
Aug 6, 2017

It is so easy to just see God in those big moments of life. I love that you see Him in the little ones as well. Not only that, but you see the way He uses those moments, like the older woman and the young man tasting the richness in life just because of some flowers in a checkout line. God knows what He is doing, and your story captures that!

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  • Aweanung
    May 23
  • jjmggoss4ever
    Nov 5, 2017

    I've always had strong faith in God, but through the years as a single mom with 3 children many times as i would feel despair or worry God would again remind me he's always right beside me. God led me to volunteer and be very involved in my childrens' school and when divorce happened and i needed a job God put forward a job at their school so i could help support us and be there for them also. Through the years when child support wouldn't be there somehow God always brought miracles that carried us through. I was happy my children saw God's miracles up close. Even knowing of God's blessings and love something happened that could have changed that...7 years ago I lost my oldest child (my son) to suicide. After the initial moments of shock, disbelief and grief when i was told, I received my most impacting assurance of God's love and of him being right beside me...a calm, peacefulness washed over me as a feeling of God's arms around me. He spoke to me then and told me that my son was safe and happy with him in Heaven and would never be hurt by anyone again and have no more pain. That gift from God, as well as all the miracles he has bestowed on me helped me, and has helped me inspire others of God's constant presence in our lives.
  • claw924
    Oct 9, 2017

    It was not the way I thought it would ever be, to find out the love of my life had been unfaithful for many years. I was shattered, distraught, shaken, in disbelief that it could be happening to me. l cannot describe how deeply sorrowful I felt. Living in a lie, a scam, a fairy tale blown up. No sleep, tears flowed nonstop, stomach wrenched with knots, exposed, alone....and then I then HE showed up to push me through the numbness. The Lord of the universe was as close as my heart beat, He knew my deepest pit, and yet was letting me know it would all be okay. He loves me, He will never let go, He is the Kings of Kings, Lord of Lords, and yet He is absolutely the King of my heart, the Lord of my Life. I know this more now than ever. It is the refiner's fire, to see His reflection in me. Blessed, not broken.