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It is so much easier for me to "see" if I tell a story. This blog is one of the places that happens.

John Denver was right.  Talking to God and hearing His “casual reply” comes easy in the mountains, surrounded by yellow Aspens and fresh air.  Church is a pretty good place for that too.  A well-timed verse in a sermon or a song in worship will move us, and by the time...

We’re wired to need dads.  That truth screams at me every day through the eyes of the kids in my classroom.  During the school year on Wednesdays, some high school guys and I circle up some desks, and in between bites of Little Caesar’s pizza, we open our Bibles and ta...

Food is never hard to find at my school; like an old friend, it’s there to celebrate with us on Shakespeare Day, Pi Day, and best of all—the National Honor Society Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.  It’s the day kids and parents of NHS prepare a spread much more like a ki...

Life is messy.  A great metaphor is my desk, piled with papers to be graded or handed back to students.  The chaos can be overwhelming at a glance, but looking a little closer at each individual essay and quiz, with names written at the top, I see relationships represe...

Becca, one of my students, loves to draw.  She brings her sketchbook to class every day, and whenever she has a moment, she hunches over it with a colored pencil and lets her imagination go to work.  Getting her to share her drawings isn’t easy.  I think it’s because s...

My daughter used to make me bacon and eggs.  The recipe only called for a rock and a couple of sticks, and when she served it to me, I ate it hungrily.  In between third and fourth helpings, she would ask me for rides in her plastic car.  There was no defense against t...

The whiteboard was covered in what looked more like chicken scratch than an English teacher’s notes.  There were stick figures, arrows, and some scribbles that barely looked like words.  I like to draw when I give notes, and I joke with my students to not let my drawin...

They are kids trying to get through the minefield of adolescence, and my English class is their last class of the day. Needless to say, there are plenty of rea

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