It is so much easier for me to "see" if I tell a story. This blog is one of the places that happens.

A COVID Shocker

Helplessness is a common feeling these days. Fires rage, leaders debate, and a virus continues to keep everyone isolated. It feels like any action we take would be as helpful as dumping a glass of water on the Cameron Peak fire. We’re small compared to these national and global problems, but we do have one powerful option—we can pray. That’s what motivated twenty grown adults to sneak into a garage. It was the night before the statewide cross-country meet. As the runners ate their team dinner, the parents circled up next to an SUV to pray for them. Apparently, this happens every year, but since this was my son’s first year on the team, the tradition was new to me. Linda gave an opening praye

Stepping Off the Stage

It’s a classic scenario. A middle-aged man wants to believe he’s still got it. His days of athletic glory have long since passed, but when he finds himself on the great field of battle against some sleek, muscular teenagers, manly pride takes over, and he’s all in, maybe a little too much in. That was me at a Young Life event a few Mondays ago. The flags were placed on opposite sides of the park, and I wore all black, including my very stretchy sweatpants to accommodate for a growing waist size. The rules were laid out, the ones we could remember anyway, and as we went to our separate sides, I yelled at Reece and Benson, two cross-country runners, “I’m coming after you!” They smiled, and I t

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