It is so much easier for me to "see" if I tell a story. This blog is one of the places that happens.

Enemy Unseen

On Tuesday mornings, before the sun is up, a few teachers and counselors drag desks into a circle to pray. That time is sacred. Settling into our seats, someone usually makes a comment about Greg’s tie or asks Tammy about her wedding plans. We’re all bleary-eyed and half awake, but God is there, and whether it’s in the verses we read or a prayer, He speaks. The last morning we were together was right after the fire. We sat in our circle, and Dave looked over at me. “What’s happening in your life right now?” he asked with a confused chuckle. “First, the car accident, and now a fire?” There was a tenderness in his smile. Everyone waited for a response. I thought about that raging, cra

Calling 911

Life is like a river. Sometimes it’s smooth and calm, trickling along quietly with birds singing along its shores, and then other times, it’s a raging whitewater nightmare with unexpected bumps, twists and turns that leave us reeling. Our family’s river has been a little bumpy lately. A few weeks ago, Deb called me at school in tears. There was an accident. A young driver lost control on the ice and slammed into our grey Camry, totaling the car. Both walked away thinking they were fine, but Deb was not fine. The symptoms of a concussion have a way of sneaking up on us, and by the end of that day, her world was spinning. Dizziness, nausea, exhaustion—it was all there, and even as I typ

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