It is so much easier for me to "see" if I tell a story. This blog is one of the places that happens.

Swallowing Steak

Something was sifting through Traci’s mind as we talked at Bible study. Then, like water pressing against a dam, it finally broke through. “If we’re a body of believers,” she said, starting to lean forward, “Shouldn’t we share with each other the stories of God’s goodness in our lives?” Her point was that people who follow Jesus are called a “body” for a reason. If the mouth drinks, the toes will benefit. If the eyes see, the mind gets to process it all. So if God brings together a little circle of 11-year-olds to pray at school, the mom watching, with tears in her eyes, should tell that story to her friends. Those 11-year-olds are a part of the same “body” as my 87-year-old friend El

Speaking into the Mess

John Denver was right. Talking to God and hearing His “casual reply” comes easy in the mountains, surrounded by yellow Aspens and fresh air. Church is a pretty good place for that too. A well-timed verse in a sermon or a song in worship will move us, and by the time we leave our seats, we know God was speaking. Those “sacred” places seem perfect for hearing from God, but He also has a fondness for the imperfect. His big entrance was in a smelly manger. He speaks through donkeys and men that eat locusts. He enjoys showing up in the messy, secular places. So it might even be possible, despite a rattling air conditioner, intercom announcements and shouting teenagers, to hear His voice i

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