It is so much easier for me to "see" if I tell a story. This blog is one of the places that happens.

Letting Go

Sometimes I hold on too tight. Whether it’s a person, a dream or a plan of action, I cling to that something or someone and discover that grip I have is drowning me. A few month ago, I sat at my desk at school with a kid on my mind. His name is Dyvon. I passed him on my way to the Science Department, and when our eyes met, he barely acknowledged me. God had done so much in our lives at Young Life camp, surrounded by mountains and screaming kids, and for almost a year, we ate together, texted, and prayed in my car outside of Sonic, but that was all gone. I’m not sure what happened. Whatever the cause, everything stopped, and the perfectionist in me was screaming at me to do something.

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