It is so much easier for me to "see" if I tell a story. This blog is one of the places that happens.

An Open Door

All I wanted to do was talk about “good things”, something we do to start class every Wednesday. As soon as I asked, “What good things do you guys have that we can celebrate?” hands shot up all around the room. I pointed to Destiny. “My birthday is in two weeks!” she said with a smile. “Destiny’s birthday is in two weeks!” I repeated, “1, 2, 3” and we all clapped once, the traditional response to a “good thing”. “I’m getting my license on Saturday.” “Sean is getting his license on Saturday. 1, 2, 3,” and the room echoed with another loud clap. Carlos raised his hand, smiled and then brought it back down. “Carlos, what were you going to say.” He looked around the room at all of us lookin

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