It is so much easier for me to "see" if I tell a story. This blog is one of the places that happens.

Cyndi Lauper Was Wrong

Cyndi Lauper was wrong. Back in the days when Tom Cruise was flying into the danger zone and Michael Jackson was moon walking across the stage, she espoused this idea that, at their core, all kids “wanna have fun”. Her point makes sense. What kid doesn’t want fun? But there’s a hunger for something more that I see in my students, something deeper. From the gamer boy who sits in the front raising his hand to the football player who thinks he has no answers, more than having fun, what kids really want is to be seen. Recently, I received a thank you note from Emily, a college student who had been observing my classes on Thursdays. In the note, she included some verses from Numbers: The Lo

A Cafeteria Conversation

Food is never hard to find at my school; like an old friend, it’s there to celebrate with us on Shakespeare Day, Pi Day, and best of all—the National Honor Society Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. It’s the day kids and parents of NHS prepare a spread much more like a king’s banquet than a parents’ potluck. Every year, Clint, my office-mate, comes skipping into work the morning of the luncheon, and, like the camel on the hump day Geico commercial, pokes his head into offices gleefully asking each of us, “Guess what day it is?!!” It truly is a beautiful luncheon, and although the food is incredible, there is more to it than just food. Teachers are “tabling” together. The luncheon is given du

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